Infantry The foundation of the seige


Designed to batter heavy construction with solid shot at long or short range; destroy fort parapets and, by ricochet fire, dismount cannon; shoot grape, canister, or bombs against massed personnel. Field, garrison and siege designations/carriages. A longer, more flat trajectory, calibers in pounds.


Grenadier companies, carabiniers in light infantry, were elite troops. Brave, strong, experienced veterans of battle. As for their appearance it was stipulated that they must present a formidable sight; epaulettes broadened their shoulders and the tall bearskins, or shakos with tall plumes, made them look taller.


Chasseur, a French term for "hunter”, the designation given to certain regiments of light infantry or light cavalry to denote troops trained for quick action.

Other Line Infantry

The others including pikemen and musketeers.